Seasons of change…a year in the life.

As we approach a year here at Little Acre, every season has brought with it an array of horticultural delights. Plants that once seemed dull and uninteresting one minute are ablaze with a floral display the next. As I write, this Spring is slowly departing and we are tentatively backing away from the blizzards, floods and winds that have seemed to dominate this year to date and we start to welcome the sun back into our lives. Summer is on the horizon and the everything in the garden is finally joining us, embracing the warmer weather with both arms open. The snowdrops have been and gone, trees have now blossomed, spring bulbs have done their bit. Now it seems to be the season of the perennials and the flowering shrubs. Where bare ground once stood there is now a blanket of green, with flower buds primed and ready to burst into life.

I’ve compiled a few photos of the flowers that have graced us over the last year…….who doesn’t love a good montage!…………


Lets start with the wonderful hamamelis flowers, shining like a beacon when all around are bare. Certainly at its best this time of year with its mesmerising firework like flowers. Adds a more than needed touch of warmth to battle those January blues.

The late winter and early spring bulbs then laid themselves out, greeting the snow and frost with a carpet of colour. There is something magical about a glistening garden of snowdrops coated in a crisp layer of frost.

The small magnolia shrubs at the front of the house were adorned in early spring with numerous crisp white flowers contrasting brightly against its barren dark bark.

The daffodils followed suit. Bringing the sunshine, inspite of the rain that joined them. Daffodils were a favourite of the previous owners with plenty of quantity and quality. A broad range of species graced us mid spring.


You have to respect a self set primrose for finding those dark corners of the garden and scattering themselves across the woodland floor adding some soft colour to areas that have been devoid of it over the winter months.


Sun is shining, sky is blue and come mid May the horse chestnut flowers are greeting us with their delicate floral cones gentling resting on the tip of each branch.


The Wisteria vine which finds its way across the front of the property was the topic of a recent blog post and my affection for these flowers are clear.

Late Spring, early summer brings the Rhododendrons and Roses out in force. The garden at Little Acre is predominately a garden to house the previous owners extensive obsession with of these two plant species. As I’ve previously blogged the Rhododendrons and Azaleas were sourced in the late 1980s at Chelsea and at last count there were over 30 different varieties of Roses.

And then theres the rest……….

Many of these plants will need some TLC and many will need to be moved but regardless, the colour that spreads itself through the garden throughout the year is undeniably uplifting and can’t help but raise a smile. Looking forward to what the next 12 months here at Little Acre will bring.





  1. Oh my goodness, what a cornucopia of colour and magnificence. We don’t see horse chestnuts very much here and I enjoyed seeing the flowers close up. Never realised their different colours before. Lovely post!

    1. I know….The horse chestnut flowers are also something I’ve never really paid attention to before… delicate for such a solid and dominant tree. Thank you.

  2. You do have your work cut out for you don’t you. Absolutely love your rose collection and that vine is something else. I started cultivating our garden last year but focussed on growing veg, but have been obsessing over flowers this year. Trying to cram as much in to my little front and back garden as possible. Off to Kew at the weekend for more impossible inspiration 😉🌱🖖. But hats off Trace, I love what you’ve done there. Roj

    1. Thanks so much, the previous owners left us some real delights…..just need to move them into the right places, remove the masses of perennial weeds and ….well then we may be ready to start gardening 😂 kitchen garden is on next years list….can’t wait to start growing veg again. Best of luck with it all.

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