Little Acre Garden Design

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That’s Entertainment…

There is a courtyard type enclosed patio area at Little Acre, catching the sun during the day providing a sheltered pocket of privacy from the world around it and more importantly conveniently placed in arms length of the fridge, hence the perfect place to entertain the masses.  At the latest Chelsea Flower Show we got slightly carried away in the moment and with our dreams of that Al Fresco lifestyle in reach, […]

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The Green Green Glass of Home……

One of the main features which caused me to have child like excitement in the garden at Little Acre, was the presence of the large, yet slightly tired, greenhouse. It takes pride of place at the front of the veg area yet like most of the garden it has certainly seen better days. Being 8ft by 10ft and of wood construction it must have once been a beautiful structure, but […]

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Task one….operation bindweed 

It’s not so much of a case of what to do at Little Acre, it’s more where to start.  Before I can even begin thinking in the most basic of detail about garden design, there is a need to establish what exactly we are dealing with.  A lifetime of having instilled into me the importance of ‘save the pennies….’ & ‘waste not, want not’ (as I write those words the […]

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We’re Going to Need a Bigger Spade…

So….day one….post one of my very first blog! As with all the best tales I thought I’d start this one somewhere near the middle. It’s April 2004 and having spent most of the previous 7 years in a mix of student accommodations and third floor flats I had been doing nothing but dream of owning my very first patch of soil! This is where it all started for me, my […]

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