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About Us

468723f3118bb487e26a318a7b59e77e.pngTrace Johnson is the owner of Little Acre Garden Design. 

Having previously worked in environmental management, ecology and landscape management for the commercial sector it was time to take a step back from the big business side of life and turn focus to a more personal setting, where small scale changes can make all the difference.

In addition to working on her own designs Trace enjoys working with other designers and landscapers, helping to transform their designs into a reality through design assistance and CAD work. 

With the move to residential Garden Design, Trace blends all her passions, encouraging nature back into urban environments whilst making it ‘look stylish’ in the process!


Oli Johnson is a photo enthusiast of many years, who enjoys capturing a moment though a lens. Over the years he has sold a number of photos through Getty Images via Oli Johnson Photography and is continuing to develop his collection.

Whilst having a wide ranging portfolio, Oli has found particular interest in nature photography and takes joy in sharing his images and demonstrating the beauty that can be found in all that surrounds us. All photos on this site are attributed to Oil and are available to purchase.